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Orthopedic Surgery 2D Planner (dongle version)

version: 2019.07.0 2019-06-27


Full version - 95 MB
Update - 45 MB

System requirements:

  • operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8,
  • RAM: 512 MB RAM,


English manual - PDF
Polish manual - PDF
French manual - PDF

Orthopedic Surgery 2D Planner (previous version)

version: 2017-10-30


Full version - 86 MB
Update - 35 MB

System requirements:

  • operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8,
  • RAM: 512 MB RAM,
  • Internet connection.


English manual - PDF
Polish manual - PDF
French manual - PDF


Every user will obtain free licence.
Software downloaded from website can be used only for the demostration, does not have CE marking and can’t be use in medical purposes. To purchase a software license for medical usage, please contact our customer service.

Technical support and customer service

Phone: +48 59 3070670

Benefits of registration

By the registration you get access to the base of implants from Massmedica. The registration is free. As for access to a wider base of implants, please contact our customer service.

Work with Planner 2D

Planner 2D has the feature of corrected limb length visualisation. All you have to do is to define the target shift of selected leg part or use automatic correction. Then you can fit implants to corrected anatomy.

To make stem selection and embedding easier we have prepared a tool to determine marrow canal axis. After the canal designation, select a prosthesis stem and adjust it to patient's anatomy. Then fit a cup.

With special and easy to use tools you can measure anatomical structures visible on the screen.

OptiMedi Planner 2D is a medical software class I that supports planning of orthopedic procedures. The software helps one to select an implant optimal for the patient's anatomic bone structure. The application is dedicated to a professional user who has knowledge in the orthopedic field and ought to be used solely in health care institutions. The image from the acquisition device, in a form of a DICOM file, is displayed on the screen of a display apparatus. Please bear in mind that the displayed image is not diagnostic, but it must be treated as a reference image. Due to factors affecting the correct calibration of images, each time the user is required to verify the program indications according to his/her diagnostic experience. The software does not provide measuring feature.

Surgical planning with Planner 2D

Surgical planning with the application is extremely simple. An image taken from an acquisition device in the form of a DICOM file is displayed on the screen of the monitor. The application supports also images in popular jpg format. The user uses convenient tools to determine femur head location and size - and the same for marrow canal on the image. Then selects endoprostheses and matches them to patient's anatomical bone structure seen on the image. The program deploys an extensive and constantly extended base of implants and enables the user to do simple geometric measurements.

Program options:

  • pre-surgical hip prostheses matching,
  • report generation,
  • report export to xps format,
  • image export to jpg format,
  • size and location determination tools for:
    • thigh bone head,
    • marrow canal,
  • tools for following geometric measurements:
    • distance,
    • angle,
    • diameter,
    • limb length difference,
  • hip reduction tool.

Application features:

  • ease of use,
  • clear user interface,
  • constantly expanding base of implants,
  • DICOM and jpg compatibility.