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Application - 151 MB
Update * - 22 MB
* Intended for users who have already installed the application.

Versions comparison

Check out what different versions offer:

Technical support yes yes
Free updates for one year * yes yes
STL models export yes yes
3DM models export yes yes yes
Hip joint bones separation yes yes
DICOM browser yes yes yes
Innovative data preview yes yes yes
Virtual 3D models yes yes yes
Price 700 EUR or 900 USD or 2 940 PLN ** 350 EUR or 450 USD or 1 470 PLN ** free

* Free updates may be prolonged after one year by purchasing update package for discounted price.
** It is possible to get a package of licences at a preferential price.

Why the paid version?

Full and basic licence packages contain:

  • export to STL, which is possible to 3D print independently of our company,
  • e-mail and phone support,
  • one year of free updates.

Trial licence allows to export models only to closed 3DM format, in which models can be printed only through us.

Basic licence does not allow to separate femur from hip bone.

Minimal system requirements:

  • processor: Intel Core i3 (2.5 GHz),
  • RAM: 8 GB,
  • graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 610, 512 MB,
  • operating system: 64-bit Windows 7, 8,
  • .NET Framework 4.0.

Recommended system requirements:

  • processor: Intel Core i7 (2.5 GHz),
  • RAM: 16 GB,
  • graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, 1024 MB,
  • operating system: 64-bit Windows 7, 8,
  • .NET Framework 4.0.

Software activation

After downloading and installation of the software you can activate it. To do so, please contact our customer service and purchase a licence. Relevant information is also available through the program's main menu.

Additional offers

Free updates may be prolonged after one year by purchasing update package for discounted price.
It is possible to get a package of licences at a preferential price.


English manual - PDF
Polish manual - PDF
I'm sorry, I can't find manuals. Please, contact us.
Manuals for previous program versions

Customer can be provided with free paper edition of the manual. To make an order, contact us by e-mail: Delivery time never exceeds 10 working days, starting from the order day. Manuals are available in English and Polish. To view the digital edition of manual one must have a PDF viewer. If you do not have one, click here to download free Adobe Reader.

Technical support and customer service

Phone: +48 59 3070670


  • orthopaedics,
  • surgery,
  • arthroplasty,
  • radiology,
  • veterinary,
  • 3D print.

Nowadays technology in arthroplasty

The current state of technical knowledge and the technological solutions existing on the market allow for supporting hip resurfacing surgery (known as economical hip endoprosthetics). Scientific research confirm that computer navigation has gained the reputation of a widely used tool that contribute to precision of surgical procedures. Nowadays, this method, besides total knee arthroplasty (TKA) (see [1]) is also used for total hip arthroplasty (THA), unicompartmental knee arthroplasty (UKA), high tibial osteotomy (HTO) and reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Many studies confirm improvement of surgery's results while using a navigation system compared to the traditional procedures.

Development trends in computer-aided arthroplasty

Another step to the future of technique and technology supporting orthopaedic surgeries (including hip resurfacing) is to provide image pre-surgical and surgical planning, introduce guiding devices dedicated to the procedure as well as optical image navigation in difficult cases of joint replacements. The solution offered by the OptiHip project fully meets the challenges posed by modern medicine. In the event of a clinical success of the Orthopedic Surgery 3D Planner project OptiMedi is planning development towards use of the technology in orthopaedics, neurosurgery, craniofacial surgery, dentistry and prosthodontics

[1] Haaker Rolf et al., Computer-Assisted Navigation Increases Precision of Component Placement in Total Knee Arthroplasty, Clinical Orthopaedics & Related Research, Volume 433, April 2005, Pages 152-159
[2] Rohit Rambani, Mathew Varghese, Computer assisted navigation in orthopaedics and trauma surgery, Orthopaedics and Trauma, Volume 28, Issue 1, February 2014, Pages 50-57, ISSN 1877-1327,

Bone Extractor - 3D modelling application - medical device

Our 3D modelling application is a first module of Orthopedic Surgery 3D Planner series. It is a basic part of presurgical 3D planning software made available by OptiMedi company. The product has been declared as a class IIa medical device. It is currently in the process of assessing compliance with the requirements of EN ISO 13485:2012 and the Medical Devices Directive Annex II with a participation of the notified body TÜV Rheinland. As the product is not yet certified, it is not intended to medical use.

Medical software supporting preoperative planning for orthopaedic surgical interventions in hip region. It allows uploading of 3D DICOM image of patients hip and three-dimensional femur model creation. It may be then printed with use of 3D printing technology to obtain an actual model.

Software features:

  • Fully compatible with DICOM standards, imports CT, MRI and PET studies.
  • Generates 3D models of separated tissues and allows for separation of femur and hip bone.
  • Easy to use software will make for you a 3D model within just a few clicks.
  • Designed for 64-bit systems, it employs multithreading for maximum performance.
  • English and polish user interface version.
  • Innovative data preview.

Bone Extractor in operation

A fast preview of available study series with adjustable window parameters allows any study to be properly prepared for a model creation.

Entire process of bone separation is based on a correct femur head indication. Easy to use special tools will help you with this task.

Bone isolation is a semi-automatic process, requires just a few clicks.

Full preview of joint interior allows to verify hip bone surface before a surgery.

What do we do for medicine?

Separation of hip bone and femur allows complete investigation of bone surface without them covering each other. Such view is unachievable in standard one piece models. Gain now complete insight to hip joint without need for surgical interventions!

Fully licensed version provides model export to universal STL format. It allows you to edit it in CAD programs and 3D print it as well.

Check out how 3D printing helps doctors to plan their surgeries:
International Business Times
Inside 3DP

The software mentioned in those articles helps doctors changing the way they work today. Unfortunately, due to high costs and advanced technologies used, it is available only in high-end facilities that may afford it. We go beyond it, offering easy to use software for reasonable price. Now everybody can experience the benefits of 3D printing.