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Surgical planning, 3D printing and 3D modelling in medicine

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New release of Planner 2D application

May 10th 2019

The new version of our surgical planning application is available.
A novelty is the functionality of undo/redo the possibility to create two variants in the project. Read more.

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New release of Planner 2D application

November 28th 2018

The new version of our surgical planning application is available.
Read more.

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New Planner 2D

February 19th 2015

The new version of our surgical planning application is out. A novelty is the feature of hip reduction.

Surgical planning is a multi-step process. As the name suggests, it is orthopaedic doctor's preparation before surgery. This process is slightly different for each type of operation. It is sometimes omitted in emergency cases. However, this is a very important step allowing the acceleration of the treatment and improving its effectiveness.

The company's software focuses on the use of surgical planning in orthopaedics, where it is often used. Orthopaedic cases often do not belong to an emergency, which allows the physician to accurately plan the surgery.

Read more about surgical planning

We enhance surgery precision
by 3D modelling and 3D printing

Planning implantation of hip replacement requires the doctor to consider the problem in three dimensions. During operation, the surgeon must be accurate - otherwise comfort of the patient with the new joint may be limited. We help meet these requirements.

Imagine that the doctor quickly creates 3D model of patient's joint or bone using CT images, then plans an operation with such a model and easily develops needed disposable surgical tools that he prints. In the end, performs the procedure and the patient is happy. His satisfaction depends on the precision of the operation, and it is provided by the technologies that allow to put the prosthesis in the patient's body only one proper way. That's how we see the future of medicine.

This is all possible today thanks to the combination of our software with the methods of additive manufacturing. Intuitive software and dedicated surgical tools save time and support precision of medical treatment. 3D Printing provides access to specific tools, the traditional production of which on such a small scale would be unprofitable.

We invite you to cooperation and testing capabilities of our 3D modelling software.

We support prosthesis selection
- surgical planning

Matching the optimal size and type of hip prosthesis with patient's body structure and disease specificity is part of the preoperative planning in orthopaedics. It is a guarantee of efficiency and correctness of operations. To meet the needs, we offer easy-to-use software that helps you select the appropriate endoprosthesis by reviewing a database of existing implants and gauging their profiles on X-ray images.

Test our application for operative planning and give us your feedback.