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New release of Planner 2D application

May 10th 2019

The new version of our surgical planning application is available.
The latest version 2019.04.0 has been extended with the functionality of undo/redo allowing for undo recently performed changes in the project or redo actions that have already been undone, innovation that differs this functionality from similar in other programs, is a saving the history of changes in the project. This means that after opening a previously saved project, you can use the undo/redo function to changes that were made in the previous work within a given projectt. Another important change, which also is an original idea, is the possibility to create two variants in the project and, thus, compare the possible sizes or types of endoprosthesis used. Smaller changes added to the latest version of our application are: different colors of markers for tools and implant outlines, a different tool color than the implant outlines color and the feature to hide interrupted lines with a description.

New release of Planner 2D application

November 28th 2018

The new version of our surgical planning application is available.
The latest version 2018.06.0 has been extended with two new tools for planning knee joint surgery, one that allows to set mechanical axis of the leg and mechanical axis of the femur. The other one allows to align mechanical axis of the femur and anatomical axis of the tibia to previously determined mechanical axis of the leg. Also an option to search for implants by their names and the option of adding implants to "favorites" has been added, which makes it easier to get to the most frequently used implants.

New Planner 2D

February 19th 2015

The new version of our surgical planning application is out. A novelty is the feature of hip reduction.
Moreover, we have prepared a special survey for Planner 2D users. We invite you to share with us your opinion about the product. The survey is available here.


January 26th 2015

Along with OptiNav we have initiated a project, which will run under the banner of Verteks. The idea of the new company turned out to be interesting enough to set up an office in the incubator Matter in Chicago, which supports selected start-ups from the medical industry. Verteks has also marked its presence in the media: Chicago Tribune, Puls Biznesu. The project codenamed Magellan is an intraoperative navigation system that will allow surgeon to see inside patient without cutting tissues. Visualisation will be based on previously performed computed tomography and 3D reconstruction. Image to be projected onto what doctor sees through augmented reality glasses during surgery. The technology is to increase speed and precision of operations and reduce errors, unnecessary cuts and amount of healthy tissue removed.

Next version and new Bone Extractor license

December 02nd 2014

Today we released a new version (1.7.2) of our bone extraction software. We have corrected DICOM files reading and bone separation accuracy. In addition, since version 1.7.2 the application will be available under three different licenses. Functionality of the old basic license is now covered by trial license. The new basic license is different from the full one by having no capability of hip from femur bone separation.

Price cut for Bone Extractor

November 26th 2014

New pricing can be found here.

November is a month of discounts

October 23rd 2014

New pricing for Planner 2D - for details ask through

3D printing for everyone

September 05th 2014

We have made available a new version of Bone Extractor. The novelty is ability to export patient's virtual bone model to a printable format also in the free version of the application. See our 3D printing offer.

New feature in Bone Extractor

August 22nd 2014

We have finished working on Bone Extractor's features extension. Hip bone separation option is now available. More information on application's official website.

Orthopedic Surgery 3D Planner - Module Bone Extractor

October 31st 2013

We have completed the Orthopedic Surgery 3D Planner, Module Bone Extractor. Status: medical device certification, supervised by TUeV (notified body). Presentation on our YouTube channel: Orthopedic Surgery 3D Planner, Module Bone Extractor. We are looking for partners capable of introducing this innovative technology globally.

Development of 3D technology nearing completion

June 4th 2013

We have completed the vital stages of developing a globally unique technology for preoperative planning using a virtual 3D model of a real patient, or on a 3D-printed patient’s bone copy.

Taking part in AAOS fair in Chicago, USA

March 21st 2013

From 19th to 21st March 2013 we were at the AAOS fair in Chicago, USA. Many thanks to everyone for the meetings, we are sure they will bear fruit soon. We would like to invite everyone to the next AAOS fair in New Orleans (11th – 15th March 2014), where we will have our own stand.

OptiMedi Planner 2D

March 10th 2013

We have finished working on the first version of OptiMedi Planner 2D software. The application assists in adjusting artificial limb models based on a patient’s RTG image. We hope the software becomes a daily used tool allowing one to select a set of indispensable implants before even entering the operating room. It’s free. Please visit Planner 2D official site.