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Surgical planning - computer assisted surgery
through 3D modelling and prosthesis matching

Planner 2D Prosthesis fitting and operational planning application

Surgical planning with our application consists in depositing on a digital X-ray image implant templates downloaded from the database, which allows to try a lot of prostheses in a short time conveniently. This gives to a patient the most appropriate prosthesis and joy of as natural mobility of the joint as possible.

Bone Extractor 3D modelling surgical application

Application to 3D analyse cross-sections obtained from computed tomography. It allows to generate a virtual 3D model of the femur and the hip, giving orthopaedists opportunity to better orient themselves in any anatomical situation. The 3D modelling is semi-automatic. The resulting 3D model is ready for 3D printing. This solution fits well with our another solution - surgical guides.