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Surgical planning

Pre-surgical planning and prosthesis fitting application

Planner 2D is a light and fast set of tools supporting in surgical planning that accelerates and streamlines the selection, fitting and positioning of stem and acetabular of hip prosthesis. Here an implant is always proportional to the objects shown in the X-ray. The application uses its own database of implants and allows the necessary geometrical measurements.

3D printing in medicine and more

Additive manufacturing device

We print mainly bone models created on the basis of our 3D modelling application and designed by us individual drill guides used in resurfacing hip replacement. However, we also print any models based on STL file sent to us. See what is possible with 3D printing.

Guide - individual guiding tool Guide put on a bone model

3D modelling in orthopaedics

A model view in 3D modelling application

Bone Extractor - our 3D modelling application - allows you to 3D analyse CT and MRI images, including separation of bones in hip joint. As a result you get a virtual 3D model of the patient's bone fragment, which provides support in process of orthopaedic surgery planning, especially hip arthroplasty. The model lets you more precisely analyse patient's joint structure, the printed model - the more. On the basis of femoral head model we can design a disposable drill guiding tool.

Bone Extractor presentation.


A guide and thigh bone head - 3D model

We design and manufacture guides tailored to individual patient and disease - intra-operative drill guiding tools. Guide defines and stabilizes pre-planned inclination of a drill relative to a bone, so that the hole is drilled with increased precision. We offer mainly models supporting accurate drilling of the channel in hip resurfacing surgery. Designed guide can be printed in additive manufacturing technology and utilized during the operation.

Guide modelling presentation.